Jessica Clark

Jessica Clark is the co-author of Beyond the Echo Chamber: Reshaping Politics Through Networked Progressive Media with Tracy Van Slyke. She directs the Future of Public Media project at American University's Center for Social Media.

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Coworkers of the World, Unite!

The always-on, perpetual freelance culture of Web 2.0 has spawned its own "coworking" spaces, but are these new techno-optimists building sustainable communities?

When the Founding Fathers ratified life, liberty and happiness, they might not have quite envisioned Independents Hall. Low-pitched techno music echoes from the high ceilings of a loft-like office on Philadelphia's Strawberry Street. A smattering of 20-something guys (and occasionally women) sit intent at laptops resting on black-and-silver Ikea tables, occasionally stopping for a smoke, or to share info about software or gear. Under a side table, a box of Transformers action figures awaits a fidgety moment. Upstairs, sofas and a shower anticipate a late-night crash.