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Jessica Wakeman has written for Bitch, Radar, the New York Daily News, Salon's Broadsheet, the Huffington Post, and, among other publications.

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Feminist Media in a Time of Economic Trouble

TAP Online talks with Bitch magazine co-founder Andi Zeisler about her new book, "sexy" feminist issues, and the fate of feminist magazines like Bitch and Ms. in an economic downturn.

It's been a busy year for Andi Zeisler, co-founder and editorial director of Bitch magazine.

She gave birth to a son in September. After a catastrophic funding crisis this fall threatened to put Bitch out of print, she took to YouTube to help raise $70,000 to keep the 50,000-circulation magazine alive. And then, this November, Zeisler published her second book, Feminism and Pop Culture, a single-volume historical survey intended for classroom use.