Jodi Enda

Jodi Enda covers politics and government from Washington. She previously reported on the White House, presidential elections, and Congress for Knight Ridder Newspapers.

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Mall Walkers

The daylong protest that filed past his back door Sunday is unlikely to spur President Bush to back abortion rights. And the rally on their front steps is unlikely to prompt the Republicans who control the House and Senate to halt their war on reproductive rights. Still, the hundreds of thousands -- perhaps 1 million -- people from all over the country who flocked to the National Mall for the March for Women's Lives on Sunday could influence the direction of national policies. But only if they follow up. For all its accomplishments -- its enormity, its celebrities, its impressive showing among youth -- the largest abortion-rights march in history must linger beyond the day if it is to succeed. The slogans must be turned into action, the action into votes. "Bush has made up his mind. Congress members have made up their minds," said Clyde Wilcox, a Georgetown University government professor and author of Between Two Absolutes: Public Opinion and the Politics of Abortion . "The goal of...