John Podesta

John Podesta is chair and counselor of the Center for American Progress and the Center for American Progress Action Fund. Under his leadership, American Progress has become a notable leader in the development of and advocacy for progressive policy.

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Retilting the Playing Field

This piece is part of the Prospect's series on progressives' strategy over the next 40 years.

Lewis Powell’s memo to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is widely credited for its role in shaping the modern conservative movement and prompting the development of a conservative communications and policymaking infrastructure. But another group was arguably more influential in the intellectual molding of modern conservatism: the John M. Olin Foundation. 

Fiscal Boldness First

If he takes the oath of office as president, John Kerry would inherit an upside-down economy marked by slow job growth, stagnant wages, and rising costs; twin deficits--budget and trade--that threaten havoc for the middle class; a health-care system that's facing financial chaos; a dangerous and costly occupation in Iraq; a vitally important but vastly undercapitalized homeland-security effort; and international alliances that have been mangled almost beyond recognition. Of course, the list goes on.

He may feel he's just become the mayor of hell.

Bush's Secret Government

Washington has seen its share of odd sights in the last few years but few as bizarre as the one we witnessed late last month after the release of the report on the causes and consequences of the September 11 terrorist attacks. There in front of the White House, fresh from a meeting with President Bush, stood the disappointed foreign minister of Saudi Arabia, imploring the president to release parts of the report that apparently contain damaging evidence of Saudi Arabia's complicity in those attacks.