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Jonathan Bernstein is a political scientist who writes about American politics, especially the presidency, Congress, parties and elections.

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Playing Constitutional Hardball with the Electoral College

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Republicans are playing Constitutional hardball again. It’s a dangerous game.

The Case for "Four More Years"

AP Photo/Jerome Delay

It’s the policy idea that just won’t die, and seems to reanimate whenever legislators have run out of substantive issues to push. Case in point: Last week’s appallingly thin op-ed by 2016 hopeful Bobby Jindal, which argues that “structural reforms” are needed to get the United States back on the right path, and suggests term limits as one of, well, two structural reforms that would do the trick (the other is a multi-part budget plan).

Speaker Harry Reid?

Center for American Progress, Bill Murray

Given current proposals for reform, it seems clear the filibuster in some form will survive—at least in the upcoming session of Congress. What the Senate looks like in the long term, however, is still very much up for grabs. One thing is for sure: It can’t continue in its current dysfunction.