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Joshua Micah Marshall is the editor of Talking Points Memo and a senior correspondent for the Prospect.

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No Excuse for Dodd, Cut the Tax Cut

February 1, 2001 -- No Excuse for Dodd Let's say a few more words about John Ashcroft's nomination before he's confirmed today.

First, I like Chris Dodd, the senior senator from Connecticut. But what the hell is he thinking? Thus far the people who have come out in support of Ashcroft have mostly had decent reasons. I don't agree with them. But there's at least been a logic.

Kent Conrad and Byron Dorgan come from an overwhelmingly Republican state (North Dakota). I wish they'd decided differently. But I can see where they're coming from.

Zell Miller clearly wants to cover his right flank by sucking up to George W. Despicable, but understandable.

Shameless, Brazen and Disgusting

  • Feb. 12, 2001 -- The Bush Tax Wars
  • You'd be surprised at how knocked on their heels Senate Dems have been acting for the last couple weeks while waiting for Bush to send up his tax bill. But today's news that Senators Jim Jeffords, Olympia Snowe and Linc Chafee want to scale back the president's $1.6 trillion tax cut should let them all breathe a big sigh of relief.

    (Keep in mind that Jeffords and Snowe are both close to Democrat John Breaux; he may be a force behind this.)

    The Wall Street Journalistically Dishonest; Squash Ted Olson

  • February 22nd, 2001 -- The Scoop on Hugh Rodham

  • Top Five Reasons why Hugh Rodham (Hillary's brother) getting $200,000 (now returned) to lobby in favor of pardons
    and commutations for convicted drug trafficker Carlos Vignali and herbal supplement king Almon Glenn Braswell ain't as bad as it looks:

    5. Hugh Rodham won't need those secret payments from
    Marc Rich anymore.

    4. Gives Jack Quinn someone to look down on.

    3. Even drug traffickers need a break sometimes.

    2. Makes clear Bill ain't the only one with a loser

    1. Gets that whole Marc Rich thing outta the

    Bush's Peel Off or Piss Off Strategy on Taxes

  • March 6th, 2001 -- Bush Miffing Dems
  • Here we have yet another sign that President Bush's tactic of reaching out with his fists may not be having the intended results.

    This article from The Washington Post says Democrats from Bush-leaning states don't seem particularly intimidated by his pushy visits. And a number seem like they're getting pissed. Word is also that John Breaux, the Senator from Louisiana, is miffed at Bush. He apparently feels that the Bushies played him for a fool, trotting him out as a symbol of bipartisanship and then pursuing a partisan, uncompromising agenda.

    Storylines: Tough Chat

    A few years ago, people who thought liberals were too squeamish in public debate wondered how they could make it in the aggressive and strident forum of talk radio. [See Tom DeVries, "We'll Talk About That: Can Liberals Do Radio?" TAP, March-April 1996.] Today the same question has come up about another rough-and-tumble medium: political chat shows on television.