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Joshua Micah Marshall is the editor of Talking Points Memo and a senior correspondent for the Prospect.

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Ashcroft Once Praised a Black Guy, And Other Resume Boosters

  • December 28th, 2000--Backstabber Is Robert Torricelli running for the role of Senate-Democrat-Most-Likely-to-Stab-

    The position is open after all, what with Bob Kerrey and Pat Moynihan retiring, and Joe Lieberman adopting a more partisan, team-player tone. Just think. Bob Torricelli. . . First Senate Dem to call on Al Gore not to file any lawsuits in Florida. First Senate Dem to call on Al Gore to drop out of the race. First Senate Dem to publicly say Al Gore blew it and shouldn't run again. First Senate Dem to give John Ashcroft a thumbs up for AG. Do I need to go on?

  • Bush's Double Standard, Daschle's Steel Fist

  • January 3rd, 2001--Bush's Double Standard
    Admirers of Senator John McCain (and I have to admit I'm one of 'em) will be chagrined to learn that during McCain's primary campaign in South Carolina last winter his chief campaign strategist was none other than Richard Quinn, long-time editor of the oft-mentioned Southern Partisan magazine.


    Well, turns out, so was George W. Bush!

  • John Ashcroft the Transformer

    January 17th, 2001 -- John Ashcroft the Transformer

    Ya know. From the sound of it, John Ashcroft is going to be such a staunch defender and enforcer of gun-control laws, abortion rights, and civil rights, that you sorta wonder why right-wingers want him so bad.

    Is Ashcroft a lib now? Or is there some disconnect here? Or is Ashcroft just completely full of crap -- and Senate Dems are doing a lousy job catching him on it?

    But did you notice how Judiciary Chairman Pat Leahy (one of the most underrated senators, in my book) caught Ashcroft in a lie, and called him on it?

    Daschle Baffles, and Zell Miller Marches Right . . . Off the Deep End

  • January 25th, 2001 -- Understanding Ashcroft
  • Hey, now that I've been reminded of John Ashcroft's rationale for opposing James Hormel's ambassadorial nomination, I think I understand what his problem was with Judge Ronnie White. He didn't oppose White because he was black, he opposed him because he promoted the black lifestyle.

    Don't get it? Read this.