Joshua Mason

J. W. Mason is a writer living in Chicago.

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The Buses Don't Stop Here Anymore

All over the country, public transit systems are losing ridership. As Chicago's story makes clear, the real source of the problem is the sprawling and balkanized shape of America's metropolises.

t's hard to imagine a dense city without mass transit, and not just
because the urban ideal—people of all classes, creeds, and nationalities
amicably rubbing shoulders—is realized most literally on the trains of an urban
rail system. Urban densities are inconceivable without public transit, and urban
populations contain many groups of people—the young, the poor, recent
immigrants, the elderly—for whom private transportation is not an option.

Punishing Policies

Christian Parenti's Lockdown America: Police and Prisons In The Age of Crisis

01.03.00 | reviewed by J. W. Mason