Julian Sanchez

Julian Sanchez is a writer based in Washington, D.C., and a research fellow at the Cato Institute.

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The Revolt of the Comic Books

America's superheroes take on preemptive war, torture, warrantless spying, and George W. himself.

A superhero killed the president this summer. Moments later, a shocked White House press corps watched as John Horus, his gleaming white-and-gold costume still soaked in blood, explained why. Because "the war in Iraq is illegal and predicated on lies," because "our people and theirs are dying for corporate gain," because of the "use of torture by our elected authorities," and because the president "stole the last two elections," the most powerful member of the Seven Guns could no longer "stand by while this administration commits crimes." In response, a terrified government imposed martial law, launching a nationwide manhunt for Horus' estranged teammates, whose reactions to the act ranged from horror to sympathy. That bit of propaganda-by-the-deed launched acclaimed British scribe Warren Ellis' Black Summer , an eight-issue comic book miniseries from Avatar Press. And though heroes at industry giants DC Comics and Marvel have shown more restraint -- even after Superman 's Lex Luthor...

My Summer Reading Journal

August 4: For my summer vacation, I decided to read The Stranger by Albert Camus (in American). I decided this for a couple reasons. For one, there was this other book Terror and Liberalism I was listening to while I was jogging a while back, where it says Sayyid Qutb and that Zawahiri fella are like the evil bearded Mirror Universe versions of Albert here, who's big on freedom. Even turns out I already quoted him once about how democracy's a "long distance race." And the war on terror? That's a war of ideas. So we need to know what kind of philosophy we should be dropping on the bad guys' caves. Another reason, salt of the earth folk like me who never read any Camus or Jacques Derrida or Gerard Depardieu, we're always getting our noses rubbed in it by all these snooty elites. This should show them. At least maybe they'll shut up about the goddamn goat book. Anyways, I was going to start it in bed last night, but Laura had been going on about how she loved L'Etranger , which got me so...