Kate Sheppard

Kate Sheppard is a political reporter at Grist, and a former Prospect writing fellow.

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NOT-SO-GOLDEN ANNIVERSARY. Sunday marks the 50th anniversary of the passing of the Civil Rights Act of 1957, the first civil rights legislation enacted in the United States in nearly a century after Reconstruction. The act resulted in the creation of the Civil Rights Division at the U.S. Department of Justice and an Assistant Attorney General post designated to civil rights enforcement. It also established a vote refereeing system to help ensure voting rights for blacks in the South, and gave federal prosecutors the power to pursue court injunctions in cases of voter interference.


UN DEBATE EN ESPANOL. This weekend, the Democrats' Spanish-language debate on Univision will be the first of its kind in national politics, marking the departure from a time where not factoring the Latino vote into the "must have" category was an option. But the GOP must not have gotten the note about Latinos being the largest group of swing-voters in the country right now -- the Republicans' Univision debate, which had been slated for September 16, was canceled last week when only John McCain agreed to participate.


STANDING O. Could Oprah's endorsement help swing women voters to Obama? CNN and the Washington Post ponder the question as the megastar vows to stump for the other Big O.


I CAN'T BELIEVE I ATE THE COAL THING. Brian Beutler reports back on the House Select Committee on Energy Independence and Climate Change hearing on the future of coal this morning: "[E]verybody from the governor of Wyoming to the wonks at the Center for American Progress think a cap-and-trade program is inevitable, they also think that many, many billions of dollars in subsidies for carbon capture and sequestration technology will be crucial to any greenhouse-gas reduction strategy."


CALLING A SPADE A LAW-LOVING CITIZEN. One salient moment at last night's GOP debate was when Chris Wallace asked
to clarify previous statements on the racist undertones of fellow Republicans campaigning against immigration reform. "If I were to say some of it is driven by just sheer racism, I think I would be telling you the truth," Wallace quoted Huckabee as saying at a press meeting in May, according to the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.