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Kate Sheppard is a political reporter at Grist, and a former Prospect writing fellow.

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BEST YET? Matt, along with The Onion's AV Club, is trying to convince us that 1997 was the best year for music. I'm going to avoid that debate, but it leads me to a similar question I've been pondering since a recent conversation: What has been the best year for domestic politics so far?

I'M NOT A...

I'M NOT A RACIST OR ANYTHING, BUT… If you've ever wondered where mainstream media digs up some of their crackpottiest anti-immigrationites, look no further than this new piece put out by the Center for American Progress that digs into the back story on some of voices that have been, rather absurdly, making their way into the mainstream debate on immigration.


NEWS ON NEWS. It had been rumored for a while now, but today the New York Times announced that as of midnight tonight, they'll be bringing down pay walls on their website, exactly two years after they started charging $49.95 a year for complete access to the site. The pay wall was deterring drop-in readers who came to the site from search engines, and it wasn't bringing in enough paid subscribers to justify its existence. There were only 227,000 paying subscribers, and the site gets an average of 13 million unique visitors every month.


SHOWING UP STILL THE MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR IN ABILITY TO WIN THE GAME. After all but John McCain declined invitations to participate in a Spanish-language debate, the GOP front-runners have now decided not to talk to black voters, either. McCain, Giuliani, and Romney had already opted out of the Sept.


HABEAS CORPUS, PLEASE. On the same day that Chris Dodd gave a notably rowdy speech at the SEIU Political Action Conference, he and Patrick Leahy announced that they would be introducing the Habeas Corpus Restoration Act of 2007 as an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act.