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Kay Steiger is managing editor at Raw Story and a former Prospect editorial assistant.

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Yesterday Dana and Kate wrote about a NYT article on the increase in the prison population in the United States. Naturally, then this Inside Higher Ed piece about how prison spending is also up isn't too surprising. What is interesting is how they compared prison spending to the amount spent on higher education by state. For states like Connecticut, Vermont, Michigan, Delaware and Oregon, the spending is nearly one to one.

Democracy Versus Debt

Students are getting serious about organizing to change the rules of the game that leave young adults burdened with college and credit-card debt.

Anthony Daniels is the chairperson of the National Education Association's student program but is saddled with nearly $58,000 of debt in student loans from his undergraduate and master's programs. He's considering getting out of teaching. With payments of roughly $600 a month and an interest rate of 11.71 percent, he just can' t afford the payments on a teacher's salary, typically starting at less than $30,000. "The passion is here," Daniels said, "but I just can't afford it."


Today the Supreme Court will hear arguments on one of the major discrimination cases this year, CBOCS West v. Humphries. The case concerns Hedrick Humphries, an African-American assistant manager at a Cracker Barrel restaurant. Humphries says he was fired when he complained about racially discriminatory behavior by a white supervisor.


This Boston Globe article highlights something I observed in a House committee hearing a few weeks ago: The Department of Defense seems to be well aware that the National Guard and Reserve are getting something of a raw deal on education benefits. The buying power of the GI Bill has depreciated greatly over the years, influencing some vets to go for the cheapest, rather than the best choice when it comes to higher education.


Not to dredge up old posts (I've been on vacation and spending time with my family for the past several days), but my post on Hilary Clinton's first lady experience brought about exactly the reaction I might have expected: the assumption that I desire Clinton to win the candidacy and the presidency because my vote as a feminist means I will throw my support behind whatever woman approaches spitting distance.