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Kay Steiger is managing editor at Raw Story and a former Prospect editorial assistant.

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UNCOMFORTABLE COLEMAN. Yesterday the Minneapolis Star Tribune reported that Minnesota's Republican senator, Norm Coleman, has decided to support now-retiring Republican Sen. John Warner's plan for troops to begin coming home by the end of the year.


TESTING THE TROOPS. Over the weekend, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reported on some Minnesota National Guard troops who have elected to be part of a VA study monitoring the effects of deployment on a soldier. The study, funded by the Department of Defense, began

nearly two years ago, [when researcher Melissa Polusny] and three other VA psychologists went to Camp Shelby, Miss., where 2,500 Minnesota Guard troops were preparing to deploy to Iraq. Of those, 531 agreed to fill out 22-page questionnaires covering everything from their childhood and family life to how they handle setbacks.


HA! Apparently pranksters wrapped Karl Rove's Jaguar in plastic wrap with an "I love Barack Obama" bumper sticker while it was parked on the West Wing's private driveway. Talk about national security.

--Kay Steiger


ELITE GENERALS. Fred Kaplan has an interesting look at the officer structure in this week's NY Times Magazine. The armed forces, like many institutions, are slow to adapt and change, and the way officers are promoted hasn't changed much either, leaving a genuinely homogeneous pool to plan war strategy. This is a problem I've heard many people from inside and outside the military complain about. The same kind of innovation that comes from diversity in the private sector could help the military as well. But the pool itself is in trouble.


BAIT AND SWITCH. Sara Mead alerted me to her Higher Ed Watch blog through the New America Foundation today, and although she wrote this post on veterans education benefits last week, it's still good stuff.