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An Uneasy Marriage in the House of Labor

The union organizer ... is a counselor, lawyer, teacher, missionary... is able to inspire confidence in others, speaks well, is a leader, is sincere and patient with the employees with whom he deals, and exercises judgment, initiative and imagination in his job.... Perhaps the organizer's outstanding characteristic is that he is extremely dedicated.... His views may at times be radical, but he fully believes in the trade union movement." That description comes from one of the top union-busting manuals in the country. Trust management to know a good organizer when they see one. Too bad you can't always trust unions to recognize the same. Yet it's the promise of organizing that brought me into union work more than sixteen years ago, along with the belief that the most basic goal of the labor movement -- empowering workers to control and benefit from their own labor, free from exploitation or abuse was worth fighting for. And I believe it still. At 42, I'm part of a cohort we've dubbed...