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Five Ways We Talked About Race and Identity This Election

Barack Obama's candidacy has sparked a complicated debate on race and ethnicity that needs to be carefully unpacked.

Can we talk about race for a minute? I know -- we've been talking about race since 2007, when Barack Obama formally entered the primary. The 2008 election has galvanized discussions of race (as well as class and gender) in America. Since Barack Obama's "A More Perfect Union" speech challenged Americans to take the discussion of race relations into their homes and communities, all forms of media have found themselves searching for trends, meaning, and analysis all along racial lines.

Barack Obama, Hip-Hop Candidate

Barack Obama has captured the spirit of hip-hop. Not because of his racial identity or his oratory skills, but because his policies and approach to politics demonstrate that he understands the needs and desires of the hip-hop generation.

My raps ignite the people like Obama
-- Common, "The People," Finding Forever

Whether or not he is aware of it, Barack Obama is the first hip-hop presidential candidate.