Laura Maggi

Laura Maggi is a reporter in the Capital bureau of The Times-Picayune.
She is a former writing fellow for The American Prospect.

Recent Articles

Bad Hair #2

This March, primary voters in Youngstown, Ohio, have the opportunity to weed out the worst haircut in Congress.

Pork, Sweet, and Sour

Word was out in May that the Clinton administration was offering enticements to undecided congressional Democrats in order to win enough votes to permanently normalize trade with China--which the White House had singled out as key to the Clinton foreign policy legacy. After all, during the North American Free Trade Agreement vote in 1993, the Clinton White House threw open the legislative pork barrel, offering up tasty items to encourage hesitant Democrats to sign onto the free trade agreement.

The Squeeze

In most city neighborhoods, the flight to the suburbs continues--with families leaving the city the moment they acquire the means. However, in a handful of trendy cities, there's been a movement in the opposite direction. This may be just what the cities thought they wanted, but it often leaves the poor with nowhere to live.

Death, Taxes, and Fees:

Every year around this time millions of the working poor send their tax
forms to the Internal Revenue Service, applying for an end-of-the-year bonus
known as the earned income tax credit (EITC). For people struggling to
support their families on salaries that typically hover around the poverty
line, the couple thousand dollars they might receive is often counted on to
clear up debts or make a necessary big purchase.