Laura Peterson

Laura Peterson is a reporter at the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists in Washington D.C. She reported from Turkey in 2000 as a Pew Fellow in International Journalism.

Recent Articles

The Pentagon Talks Turkey

T he United States and Turkey have been locked in a strange mating ritual since September 11. The Pentagon plays the ardent suitor -- making offers that meet with skepticism, admiring Turkey's democratic trappings and secular state -- to Turkey's coy coquette. "It's like a lover who promises everything to get the girl. But when it comes to marriage, what happens?" asks Bulent Aliriza, a Turkey analyst at the Center for Strategic and International Studies. With war looming in Iraq, this ambivalent pair may soon find itself rushed to the altar, buoyed by promises neither party can keep. Consider the following exchange between Turkish businessman Erkut Yucaoglu and Richard Perle, former assistant secretary of defense under Ronald Reagan, current chairman of the Defense Policy Board and perhaps the hungriest hawk circling Iraq. Yucaoglu kicked off a panel discussion at the Conference on U.S.-Turkish Relations last March by criticizing the United States' "lack of political will" to elevate...