Laura Rozen

Laura Rozen is a Prospect senior correspondent and a national security correspondent for The Washington Monthly.

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Iran Hawks Reorganize

Unchastened by the catastrophe of the Iraq war or the setback delivered to the White House and Republicans in the midterm elections in part as a result of it, Iran hawks have organized new efforts to promote U.S. support for regime change in Tehran.

"T+1": OR HOW...

"T+1": OR HOW A BIPARTISAN IRAQ STRATEGY MIGHT EMERGE. From the proverbial well-informed correspondent:

Crossed Lines?

E-mails recently forwarded to the Justice Department by a government watchdog group describe alleged efforts by staff of Congressman Curt Weldon of Pennsylvania to call Navy employees for information and negative statements about his Democratic opponent, retired Rear Admiral Joe Sestak. Two e-mails that were forwarded to the Sestak campaign by one current and one former Pentagon employee appear to detail guidance from superiors to staff not to speak with Weldon's office should it call soliciting information about Sestak; Weldon's office is described in one e-mail as “calling everyone and his brother” in the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations (OPNAV) about Sestak.

Curt's New Hurt

"Weldon's day off to a bad start, then gets progressively worse," is how Pennsylvania Congressman Curt Weldon's hometown paper, the Delaware County Daily Times, put it in a headline yesterday. Indeed. Even as Weldon was denying the existence of an FBI investigation into whether he used his influence as a congressman to help out his daughter's government relations firm Solutions North America, the FBI was raiding six locations, including his daughter's home, that of her business partner, and the Jacksonville, Florida offices of her main client, Russia's Itera International Energy Corp.


�TALENTED FABRICATOR� GHORBANIFAR ENLISTS CHENEY. We knew that Iran Contra arms dealer and info. peddler Manucher Ghorbanifar had managed to meet with Pentagon officials and with Congressman Curt Weldon in his quest to get back on the U.S. payroll as an intelligence asset in the wake of 9/11. We did not know that vice president Dick Cheney was part of the plot. This from Bob Woodward�s State of Denial:

In Iraq, [chief Iraq weapons inspector] David Kay had a call from Scooter Libby.