Laurie Garrett

Laurie Garrett is a Pulitzer Prize-winning science writer for Newsday and author of Betrayal of Trust: The Collapse of Global Public Health.

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Under the Plume

F rom his healthy head of hair to his running shoes, Andy Reeve, a young computer programmer, was covered in white soot and ash. He had just arrived for work across the street from World Trade Center that horrible September morning, when a commercial jet slammed into the tower at his back. "I was on Wall Street when the explosion happened. You couldn't see anything. It was completely dark. It was hard breathing. In 20 minutes I made it outside and it was like snowing ... snowing the World Trade Center," Reeve told me as we stood on the Brooklyn Bridge the morning of September 11. Dazed and brushing clouds of white ash off his clothing, the young man seemed oblivious to the steady shower of debris and ash still falling upon him, a mile and a half from Ground Zero. Reeve looked down at his pants and mumbled, "Look at me, I'm completely covered in the World Trade Center." A year later, scientists and physicians in New York City are still trying to figure out just what Reeve and tens of...