Linda Hirshman

Linda R. Hirshman retired as the Allen/Berenson Distinguished Visiting Professor at Brandeis University. With almost no effort, she landed spot No. 77 on Bernard Goldberg's 100 People Who Are Screwing Up America. She is the author of Get to Work ... And Get a Life Before It's Too Late, in paperback May 28.

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WHY WE CAN�T "ALL JUST GET ALONG." I am the author of "Homeward Bound" (The American Prospect, December 2005), where I argued that women quitting their jobs to stay home are making a mistake, work in the public and market world is more likely to produce a flourishing life, and, if men did more domestic work, women could do more public work. On June 12, my book, Get to Work: A Manifesto for Women of the World, will be in the bookstores.

Homeward Bound

"Choice feminism" claims that staying home with the kids is just one more feminist option. Funny that most men rarely make the same "choice." Exactly what kind of choice is that?

I. The Truth About Elite Women