Lindsay Sobel

Lindsay Sobel came to the American Prospect in January
of 2000 as the first editor of the newly-launched American
Prospect Online
. Before joining the Prospect, she
worked for Slate magazine and covered Congress for
The Hill newspaper. Sobel earned her B.A. from the
University of Michigan and a master's degree in public policy from
Harvard's John F. Kennedy School of Government.

Sobel grew up in Los Angeles and now lives in Cambridge, MA with
her husband Terry Klein.

Recent Articles

Earth Last!

It has become a depressing pattern with George W. Bush: Declare a crisis. Hype it until the prophecy is fulfilled. Ignore the good science that offers a solution. Propose a different plan that will not solve the problem, but will reward wealthy business interests that funded your campaign. Repeat. First it was the economy. President Bush was enticing a recession from day one, describing the economy like a beached whale: "sputtering" and "slowing down." Dick Cheney warned that the country might be "on the front edge of a recession." With the administration so alarmist, consumer confidence began to flag, softening the economy. Bush's solution? The tax cut he'd been pushing since before the recession scare: Huge tax cuts for the rich that don't kick in for at least half a decade. Never mind that the rich would tend to save most of their tax cut cash; even if they got their checks today, the cuts wouldn't provide much stimulus to the economy. Economists agree that Bush's plan won't work...

Republican to the Rescue!

So Senator James Jeffords of Vermont is going to leave the Republican Party and become an independent. The Democrats will take control of the Senate, even while the ancient Strom Thurmond (who switched parties himself back in the Mesozoic period) is still shuffling along. Jeffords has long been one of the GOP's most liberal members. And ever since the characteristically spiteful Republicans started talking revenge after Jeffords made them tone down their tax bill, he has been sidling up to the less venomous crowd on the other side of the aisle. It's a big day for the Democrats. A day on which a whole series of lame and weak-kneed deeds -- perpetrated by the Dems since Bush barged into the White House -- are getting richly rewarded. From the minute Bush assumed the presidency, the Democrats have been acting like Xavier High Junior Varsity playing the New York Knicks. Though they had the power to stop him, the Dems immediately signaled their meekitude by confirming a Pat Robertson-...

Do Unto Ashcroft:

Missouri Senator John Ashcroft -- recently defeated by the late Governor Mel Carnahan -- is one of those observers held responsible for increasing the number of battles over judicial and other nominees. The arch-conservative senator furiously opposed President Clinton's appointments; often, he was one of the only senators fighting. Now George W. Bush has chosen Senator Ashcroft to be his attorney general, and it is Ashcroft who will face the confirmation process. Ashcroft has not shied from bullying qualified nominees because their political leanings do not match his; sometimes he even fabricated charges with which to assault them. (Anthony Lewis writes that Ashcroft led the crusade against one judicial nominee, accusing him of having a "tremendous bent toward criminal activity" and a "serious bias against the death penalty" -- even though the judge had upheld 41 death penalty convictions.) The Christian conservative senator also attacked David Satcher's nomination for...

Gore's Liberal Secret

When President Clinton goofed during the State of the Union address, solemnly paying tribute to Vice President Gore for his effort to "make our communities more liberal," he got a lot of laughter. And even more when he flubbed it again. But the guffawing audience didn't know how very true Clinton's Freudian blunder was. Clinton was talking about Gore's Livable Communities initiative, which purports to curb sprawl and preserve open spaces. It is a proposal marketed to soccer moms while secretly aiding the welfare moms too. In other words, it panders to swing voters while benefiting the liberal Democratic base -- minorities and the urban poor. It is also wonky and green -- vintage Gore. Here's the soccer mom narrative. For decades, Americans have moved out of cities for the peace and open space of the suburbs. But as more people move out, suburbs become clogged with traffic and blighted by strip malls. Sprawl eats up surrounding farmland (not to mention other...

Tough D:

With Republicans controlling Congress, the White House, and -- apparently -- the Supreme Court, things might look bleak for progressives. But for those concerned about a crush of conservatism, hush -- the sky is not quite falling. A discombobulated team of Democratic senators will strain valiantly to hold it up. And they may just succeed. This team is hardly a fine-tuned demolition machine like the Ravens or the Giants. But it may turn out that the very heterogeneity of the Senate Dems will make them the perfect match for the conservadors unleashed on Inauguration Day. Without planning it that way, Democratic senators tend towards the good cop, bad cop strategy when dealing with ruffian Republicans. The bad cops hurl insults, staking out far-left positions from which to negotiate; the good cops cozy up to their adversaries and offer compromise. Democratic senators excel at backroom backslapping or cultivating the grass roots. The backroom...