Lindsay Sobel

Lindsay Sobel came to the American Prospect in January
of 2000 as the first editor of the newly-launched American
Prospect Online
. Before joining the Prospect, she
worked for Slate magazine and covered Congress for
The Hill newspaper. Sobel earned her B.A. from the
University of Michigan and a master's degree in public policy from
Harvard's John F. Kennedy School of Government.

Sobel grew up in Los Angeles and now lives in Cambridge, MA with
her husband Terry Klein.

Recent Articles

LA Story: The Protests

Monday : Rage Against the LAPD Tuesday : Gore -- Fighting for Working Families, Genocidal Maniac Wednesday : Wednesday: Whose F--kin' World? Thursday : You've Persuaded Me, Now Make Me Photo Gallery -- a graphics-intensive visual account of the protests Monday: Rage Against the LAPD If the protesters at the Republican Convention in Philadelphia were characterized by their flesh-pierced scragglyness, the ones at the Democratic Convention are glossed with Los Angeles glam. And Hollywood special effects. Plus a few stars. When I arrive at Pershing Square -- the designated safe protest spot -- the setting is chic. Skyscrapers shoot into the cloudless sky, ringing the colorful modern-art dotted park. There's a rehearsal going on. One protester-slash-choreographer is directing: "We have to show them. This is what democracy looks like," and then each performer is to flash the...

The Streets of Philadelphia: Photo Gallery

Goats with Votes at a rally downtown. A protester blocking off Broad Street, flanked by the Philadelphia Police. Friends feed water to protesters who have chained themselves together. One of the puppets joins the March for Economic Human Rights. Protesters marching to the Interfaith Convergence Against the Death Penalty. Their sign says, "End Executions in the USA." Protesters chained together across Broad Street, while others hold a sign saying, "Human Need Not Corporate Greed." [back to "The Streets of Philadelphia"]

LA Story: Photo Gallery

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LA Story: Photo Gallery

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