Lindsay Sobel

Lindsay Sobel came to the American Prospect in January
of 2000 as the first editor of the newly-launched American
Prospect Online
. Before joining the Prospect, she
worked for Slate magazine and covered Congress for
The Hill newspaper. Sobel earned her B.A. from the
University of Michigan and a master's degree in public policy from
Harvard's John F. Kennedy School of Government.

Sobel grew up in Los Angeles and now lives in Cambridge, MA with
her husband Terry Klein.

Recent Articles

Training the Conservative Foot Soldiers

Sidebar to " A Believable Politics " by Paul Starr As young progressives at the Century Institute draft their statement of principles, young conservatives are preparing to battle for theirs. Except the conservatives' counterpart to the Century Institute -- the Leadership Institute -- is teaching strategy, not issues. And it has the budget to train a much bigger army. Former special assistant to President Reagan Morton C. Blackwell founded the Institute in 1979 to "build a new generation of conservative leaders," and still serves as its director. The Institute has a whopping budget of almost $8 million, which it uses to host numerous training programs, including Candidate Development School, Capitol Hill Staff Training School, and Student Publications School. The Institute takes all comers, and charges only a nominal registration fee. Last year, the Institute trained more than 3,000 students, according to Blackwell. Though many programs are directed at helping college students battle "...

The U.S. Retaliates -- The World Responds

After weeks of warnings, the United States and Great Britain retaliated against Afghanistan's ruling Taliban and Osama bin Laden's Al Qaeda network. Starting immediately after the first missiles crashed into targets in Afghanistan Sunday, the world community began to respond -- in some expected and some unexpected ways. As the military campaign continues, the United States must be mindful of the consequences in Afghanistan and elsewhere. What follows is a select survey of the initial international response. MIDDLE EAST Afghanistan The Leaders : Afghanistan's ruling Taliban responded to U.S. military actions with anger, calling them "horrendous terrorist attacks." Taliban Ambassador Mullah Abdul Salam Zaeef painted the actions as strikes against the whole Islamic world. "If the U.S. thinks that it will get results and fruit from the attacks," Zaeef added, "this is a wrong assumption and it will be unsuccessful." Zaeef further warned , "We will fight to the last breath." According to...