Marc Freedman

Marc Freedman is founder and president of Civic Ventures and the author of The Kindness of Strangers and Prime Time: How Baby Boomers Will Revolutionize Retirement and Transform America.

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The Aging Opportunity: America's Elderly as a Civic Resource

The aging of American society is almost always seen as a problem, but the elderly may be our only growing natural resource -- provided we create new ways to mobilize their civic energies.

Medical Center is the state's best hospital, the place where the region's
sickest children come for extended treatment even though their parents
often have to return home, four or five hours away, to work and other children.
The result is eight-year-olds left alone to battle cancer. This is where
Aggie Bennett and Louise Casey, both nearly 80 years old, come in. Their
role is to become surrogate family for children on the pediatrics ward.
Four hours a day, five days a week, for car fare and a daily stipend of
about nine dollars, these Foster Grandparent volunteers serve as a steady
source of love and support.

Coming of Age

Addressing the National Industrial Conference Board in 1952, Mutual Life Insurance Company Vice President H.G. Kenagy urged America's major corporations to begin preparing employees for retirement at age 50. Representing a pension industry hungry to increase sales, Kenagy called upon the assembled companies to do a better job promoting the idea "that old age can be beautiful, and that the best of life is yet to come."