Marie Cocco

Marie Cocco is a syndicated columnist with The Washington Post Writers' Group. As a reporter and columnist for Newsday, she has covered Congress, the White House, and presidential politics.

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Half Credit

During George W. Bush's first term and especially after his re-election, Washington settled on a conventional wisdom about his presidency: Bush may be prone to dangerous policy blunders, but his political instinct is unerring. The unpleasant predicament in which the White House finds itself on its signature second-term domestic-policy initiative -- revising Social Security by undoing the New Deal program's social-insurance protections and replacing them with private investments -- has upended the consensus. Despite the president's personal public-relations offensive, notwithstanding generous lobbying support from business, and even with control of Congress in the hands of Republicans who have themselves promoted private accounts, the Bush proposal languishes near death. Conservatives believed Bush's second inauguration had brought within their grasp their dream of ending Social Security as we know it. Now they're living a political nightmare. As the middle of this congressional year...