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Mark Leon Goldberg is a Prospect senior correspondent. He writes at UN Dispatch.

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Legal Bind

In August 2003, the Sudanese government tasked Ahmad Harun, an official in the Ministry of Interior, to oversee the recruitment of janjaweed militia in Darfur. Earlier that year, separatist rebels in Darfur caught the central government off-guard in a series of surprise attacks on state installations. It was thought that the janjaweed -- militiamen comprised of Arab nomads -- could bolster the government's military presence in Darfur and help crush the rebellion.


PREVENTING THE NEXT DARFUR. On UN Dispatch (where I also blog), Lee Feinstein explains how the United Nations can build capacity to prevent the next Darfur.


WHICH SIDE ARE YOU ON, EDWARDS? I don�t know Amanda Marcotte and Melissa McEwan, but if Edwards does fire them, it would appear that he�s caving to the demands of a bigoted right-wing activist who worked very hard to make sure that Edwards would not be elected vice-president in 2004.

My favorite quote from Catholic League President William Donahue, who is calling for Edwards to sack these two: �Hollywood is controlled by secular Jews who hate Christianity in general and Catholicism in particular ... Hollywood likes anal sex."

--Mark Leon Goldberg


GETTING HOT IN HERE. Don�t tell James Inhofe, but the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change just issued its much-anticipated report on global warming. The 20 pages of policy recommendations contained therein are sure to be ignored by the flat-earth devotee, who earlier this week pre-emptively criticized the report's underlying science in an interview with CNN's Miles O'Brien.

AJC. The...

AJC. The furor over an American Jewish Committee publication accusing liberal leaning Jews like Richard Cohen of being anti-Semitic should come as little surprise. Despite its anodyne sounding name, the AJC supports a number of anti-progressive causes. The neoconservative Commentary Magazine which until this January was published by the AJC, is one such outfit.