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Mark Leon Goldberg is a Prospect senior correspondent. He writes at UN Dispatch.

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AS GOES CT-05....

AS GOES CT-05. Alec's report on robocalls in the CT-05 race is terribly worrying. Mostlly because just before I read his post, I wrote the following:

If the fifth congressional district in Connecticut goes to the Dems today, then I�ll predict a Democratic pickup of more than 21 seats. If the district goes Republican, the Dems will still win a majority of the House, but by a smaller margin -- possibly not greater than four.

Why CT-05?

SPOILER. Over...

SPOILER. Over on Bolton Watch Michael Roston does an excellent job blogging the race between Venezuela and Guatemala for a seat on the UN Security Council.


BUY THIS BOOK. Last week, Brookings held a great book launch event for Integrating Islam: Political and Religious Challenges in Contemporary France by Jonathan Laurence and Justin Vaisse. The book hit the Prospect�s office today, and it appears to be an exceedingly important read for anyone trying to understand how governments can help promote (or stunt) the integration process of Muslims immigrants to Europe.


ALLEN'S QUICK TURNAROUND Senator George Allen embraced his Jewish ancestry only yesterday. And it took him precisely 24 hours to play the anti-Semitic card.

Yesterday, Wadhams accused Webb's campaign and liberal bloggers of anti-Semitism for raising the issue of the senator's religious background�


PASSING THE BUCK ON DARFUR. During this morning's press conference, the president had this to say about the United Nations and Darfur:

The problem is, is that the United Nations hasn't acted. And so, I can understand why those who are concerned about Darfur are frustrated. I am.

I'd like to see more robust United Nations action. What you'll hear is, "Well, the government of Sudan must invite the United Nations in for us to act." Well, there are other alternatives, like passing a resolution saying, "We're coming in with a U.N. force in order to save lives." �So you asked of levels of frustration. There's a particular level of frustration.