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Mark Schmitt is director of the program on political reform at the New America Foundation and former executive editor of The American Prospect



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Bloomberg Meets the Law of Diminishing Returns.

A week ago, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg reported that he had raised (from himself) $85 million dollars, while opponent William C. Thompson had raised about $9 million. And yet Thompson, an uninspiring candidate with no message and no real base, came within four percentage points of defeating Bloomberg.

Governors Matter, Not Elections.

If for a moment you're tempted to believe Michael Steele's spin that yesterday's gubernatorial elections in Virginia and New Jersey were referenda on the Obama administration, let me remind you of the Democratic victories in those same two states in 2001. Remember how the elections of Mark Warner and Jim McGreevey marked a rejection of George W. Bush and the Republican agenda, and the conservative power structure never recovered from the blow? Don't remember that? Me neither.

The Obstacles to Real Health-Care Reform

How a series of roadblocks and compromises shaped the health-care debate -- and why the battle doesn't end when Obama signs a bill.

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American presidents have tried seven times to bring us into the community of nations that provide health care to all citizens. Seven times the effort failed. More accurately, it was blocked. In the 1940s, the anti-reform movement was led by doctors, through the American Medical Association. In the 1990s, it was led by the insurance and small-business lobbies.

Title IX Dad

Title IX, with all its limits, was a nudge that set off a chain of social transformations.

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When it's her long-awaited turn to play an inning behind the plate, I rush over to my daughter and help her strap on her leg guards, chest protector, and mask and then watch as she does her best imitation of Jorge Posada, crouched unsmiling behind the batter. When there's a chance of a play at the plate, she whips off the mask and positions her glove exactly where it's supposed to be.

God Consults The Almanac of American Politics.

Whenever I hear Republicans like Michelle Bachmann, Sean Hannity, or Michael Steele say that they will run for President if God tells them to, I wonder how God would make the pitch.