Mathieu Vella

Mathieu Vella is a Prospect intern. He is a senior at Oberlin College, where studies political theory.

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Pombo Circumstance

Rep. Richard Pombo (R-Calif.), a cowboy-hat-wearing congressman long known for his antipathy toward environmental regulation, is the new chairman of the House Committee on Resources. Since first being elected to Congress in 1992, Pombo, who represents a district in rural north-central California, has cultivated a staunchly anti-environmental record. So perhaps it shouldn't come as a surprise that House Republicans, emboldened by their strong showing in the midterm elections, have tapped Pombo for a position that will put him at the center of environmental policy on Capitol Hill. Soon after arriving in Congress in the early 1990s, Pombo led an attack on the Endangered Species Act, but then-House Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.) never let the drastic cuts in protections that Pombo was proposing reach the floor. Ever since, however, Pombo has been the darling of right-wingers seeking to demolish wide-ranging environmental protections established in the 1970s. Pombo has voted against...