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Michael Tomasky is the American editor-at-large of the Guardian (UK). He was executive editor of the Prospect from 2003 to 2006.

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NO, THIS IS THE BEST ONE. Without doubt, Kapuscinski�s greatest book is Shah of Shahs. I read it long ago. I remember I was over at my friend David�s house, and he was out doing something, so I just picked up this thin book off his shelf that looked sort of interesting. I was spellbound. Everything he wrote was at least very good, good enough that I was troubled briefly when suspicions began to arise that he kinda sorta embellished stuff, but I decided quickly that I wouldn�t be troubled, because his writing was so full of capital-T Truth that it didn�t matter to me that much.

Swing and a Miss

Back in 2001, the Republicans who then controlled the Michigan state legislature approved a successfully partisan redistricting plan. They managed to pit two incumbent House Democrats against each other -- and one of them wasn't just any incumbent.


VPOTUS? It�s pretty clear that Jim Webb tore it up last night. Aside from that odd reference to the �seventh� time Bush has spoken on energy independence in a SOTU (he�s given six), he was on fire, as my pal BB from Albany put it. I don�t think there was one clich� in the whole thing. The segue from father to himself to brother to son was engrossing without being maudlin, and the final phrase -- �if he does not, we will be showing him the way� -- was pitch perfect.


THE NAME GAME, CONT�D. OK, here�s my two cents on the subject: How about HRC?

I'm with Ezra on brevity and specificity. And you can�t really get any more brief and specific than three initials that are pretty much as instantly process-able as LBJ and JFK. But I disagree with Ezra on another point. He says that as long as she calls herself Hillary, he�ll call her Hillary. But why should what politicians call themselves dictate what we call them? Ezra, if you�d been blogging in 1973, would you never have employed Tricky Dick?