Michael Tomasky

Michael Tomasky is the American editor-at-large of the Guardian (UK). He was executive editor of the Prospect from 2003 to 2006.

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Things to Do in Denver When You're A Dem

Like the man who warned King Louis on July 13 that there seemed to be a little trouble brewing out there, I realize I may be coming to this late. It appears from most of what I read that Denver is now the front-runner over New York for the site of the 2008 Democratic National Convention, especially since Mayor Bloomberg all but disinvited the party a few days ago by announcing that he didn't think Gotham could raise the dough.

Rudy Can Fail

If I were doing the television ads for one of the Republican presidential candidates running against Rudy Giuliani, I know the ad I'd prepare for 'round about the time of the South Carolina primary.

I'd open with images of September 11 -- the huge clouds of dark smoke, the mangled steel, the army of people fleeing across the Brooklyn Bridge, the head shots of the fatigued fire fighters and cops. Against appropriately somber, Russian-style music, my voice-over starts:

Rudy Giuliani was a hero, all right, on the day of September 11. He directed his city's response. He comforted grieving families. He himself was almost killed by falling debris.

Map Quest

I was intrigued to read in early October about the sale at auction, for nearly $4 million, of a map. It wasn't, naturally, just any map: It was the first atlas of the world ever printed, from 1477, based on the cartographic calculations of Claudius Ptolemaeus, the
chap we call Ptolemy, who lived in Roman Egypt in the second century AD.


WATCH IT, PAL. Listen, Pierce: Andrew Natsios is my next-door neighbor. I�ve never met the man, but I consider an attack on him to be an attack on all of Woodside Park. And those rumors that he wants to build a $312 billion vehicular tunnel under Clement St. are just that!

--Michael Tomasky