Michael Ybarra

Michael J. Ybarra is completing a book about Senator Pat McCarran and
the communist problem in American politics from the New Deal to McCarthyism.

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Theodore Rex By Edmund Morris. Random House, 864 pages, $35.00 Theodore Roosevelt By Louis Auchincloss. Henry Holt and Company, 155 pages, $20.00 O f all the presidential monuments in Washington, perhaps the most fitting is also one of the least known: the Theodore Roosevelt Memorial, which hides amid the woods of an 88-acre island in the Potomac. Most people get to Roosevelt Island by driving to a parking lot on the Virginia shore and then walking across a bridge. Roosevelt himself, I'm sure, would have preferred to paddle a rowboat from Georgetown across the river and hike through the pines and poplars to the shady clearing where a 17-foot-tall statue of the 26th president stands like a lost ruin (although it was actually dedicated in 1967). The monument itself is a low-key affair that celebrates Roosevelt as one of the guiding lights of the environmental movement in the United States. "Every man who appreciates the majesty and beauty of the wilderness and of wild life," Roosevelt...