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Michelle Dean is a writer and lawyer originally from Montréal and currently in New York. She has blogged for Bitch magazine.

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Isle of Man

Lost started as one of the most diverse and idealistic shows on network television. What happened?

Locke (Terry O'Quinn) and Jack (Matthew Fox) are caught out of breath in the episode 'White Rabbit.' (ABC)
Lost began with a compelling premise, attracted a strong following, and subsequently annoyed the hell out of us with plodding story lines, dangling plot threads, and a lackadaisical attitude toward character development. Though ratings have fallen off as a result, ABC is nonetheless trying to keep expectations high for Sunday's finale, promising "the television event of the decade." But even a disappointing endgame will be a fitting end to a series that has waged a war of attrition on its millions of viewers. Colson Whitehead may have tweeted it best with this faux "spoiler," anticipating the big reveal: "They made it up as they went along & every 'answer' will be a gross insult to your intelligence." It's a shame that things turned out this way. When Lost premiered in 2004, it held incredible promise not just as entertainment but as a narrative with liberal political commitments. The initial cast was diverse in race, gender, and national origin. Characters were named after...