Miles Rapoport

Miles Rapoport is a longtime democracy advocate who served as secretary of state in Connecticut, and president of both Dēmos and Common Cause. He is the Senior Practice Fellow in American Democracy at the Ash Center of the Kennedy School at Harvard and a member of the board of The American Prospect.

Recent Articles

Democracy's Moment

I f nothing else, the 2000 election mess has begun to produce real political engagement and debate about democracy. For some this debate will focus narrowly on improving election equipment and modernizing election administration. Conservatives may even try to turn the debate to one that restricts voting opportunities under the guise of efficiency, racial neutrality, and eliminating fraud. But for progressives, this is a moment to expand the debate into one about making democracy as inclusive and vibrant as possible. This means fusing disparate strands of a pro-democracy movement into a multiracial coalition that honors and supports the agenda of communities of color while it embraces a broader agenda of engagement and reform. Until last November, the progressive community was ambivalent about democracy issues, which often were dismissed as mere process or "good-government" concerns. It isn't that democracy issues have been entirely absent. The civil rights movement has always been...