Monica Potts

Monica Potts is a senior writer for The American Prospect and a fellow with the New America Foundation Asset Building Program. Her work has appeared in The New York Times, the Connecticut Post and the Stamford Advocate. She also blogs at PostBourgie.

Recent Articles

Attacking the Producers.

Yesterday, Michelle Obama gave a speech to the Grocery Manufacturers of America, as part of her campaign against childhood obesity. She told the assembled group -- executives responsible for products from Coca-Cola to ConAgra to McDonald's -- to stop hiding unhealthy ingredients behind health-claim labels and to start marketing healthy foods as effectively as unhealthy ones:

Sex and the Pulitzers

The National Enquirer's bid for recognition of its Edwards coverage is undeserved. Not because of the quality of the publication, but because of the relevance of the story.

Rielle Hunter leaving the Terry Sanford Federal Building and Courthouse in Raleigh, N.C. (AP Photo/Jim R. Bounds)

It's easy to mock Rielle Hunter's Q&A with GQ. The interview, posted online this week, is the first time she has spoken to the press about her affair with John Edwards. "Before I met Johnny, I had a lot of judgment about infidelity," she told Lisa DePaulo. "Now I have a much deeper understanding and acceptance of people's processes. It's hard and complicated for a lot of people to pull the Band-Aid off." Most postmortems were particularly unforgiving about the accompanying photos, which show Hunter without pants, lounging amid her daughter's stuffed animals. "If you're gonna involve Kermit, Barney, and Dora, put your pants on!" scoffed Elizabeth Hasselbeck on The View.

States' Rights and the President.

A rising number of states are asserting their authority over that of the federal government, making states' rights or nullification arguments in anticipation of policies like increased gun control from the Obama administration, even though there’s no evidence stricter gun policies are coming. There’s also anticipated resistance to health-care reform, though the legislation will likely allow states to opt-out if they want to. According to The New York Times:

Addressing the Pay Gap.

In light of a recent study that shows how little wealth black and Latina women have, we should be rushing to fix pay and wealth disparities. That's especially true given how devastating the recession is for families when underpaid women become the sole breadwinner.

Insurance That Doesn't Insure.

More and more doctors are dropping Medicaid; more and more patients are unable to continue to see their doctors. The cuts come as states anticipate losing federal aid and try to close budget gaps, reports The New York Times. These kind of low-reimbursement rates are what many fear with a single-payer system. And, to some extent, critics are right that the government would regulate rates. But, of course, it's entirely different to have an insurance system that only provides for the neediest and a system that collects premium contributions from and pays for everyone.