Mori Dinauer

Mori Dinauer is a former web editorial intern at the Prospect.

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Lightning Round: Will Virtuous Extremism Triumph Over the Vice of Moderation?

  • Kathleen Parker thought it was noteworthy that the the president's speech about American Exceptionalism didn't actually use the term "exceptional," so in an exclusive interview with John Boehner, she asked him about it. Replyeth the speaker: "They've refused to talk about America exceptionalism. ... They reject that notion." I assume by "they" Boehner is referring to the bunch of socialists who call themselves Democrats, but I digress. Perhaps this is just a way for conservatives to cope with the fact that the president took away one of their chief criticisms of him.

Lightning Round: A Blueprint for Rapture.

  • Of all the criticisms of the SOTU, the most irritating is the charge that the president didn't express sufficient solidarity with protesters in Egypt or any number of a bazillion other places around the world.

Lightning Round: Conservatives Uncover Fiendish Government Plot to Spend Money on Infrastructure.

  • Mitch McConnell explains the governing strategy of his political party: "If the president is willing to do what I and my members would do anyway, we're not going to say no." In other words, McConnell doesn't believe in politics. You know, give and take, compromise, deal-making -- all that stuff. I'm surprised he believes in democratic government at all. I mean, why bother having elections if sometimes people end up choosing representatives who aren't Republicans?

Lightning Round: This Will Be the Greatest SOTU of All Time.

  • John Heilemann's long New York magazine cover story on the retooling of the Obama presidency is a good read, but it's still just a well-honed version of the old "Obama needs to reconnect with the country" narrative we've been seeing for the past year. I'm perfectly willing to concede that Obama's personal popularity has had some effect on his approval rating, but he can't rely on "sounding presidential" to guarantee re-election.

Lightning Round: Stop Me Before I Blog About Next Year's Elections Again!

  • Once you start talking about next year's presidential election, it becomes your go-to source on a slow news day. So it behooves me to endorse Michael Crowley's theory about Rudy Giuliani teasing another presidential run. And I have to mention Mitt Romney keeping his distance from the Tea Partiers.