Mori Dinauer

Mori Dinauer is a former web editorial intern at the Prospect.

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Lightning Round: Predictably Political.

  • Yesterday, David Weigel noted that compared to four years ago, no one has so much as launched a presidential exploratory committee, but as of today Herman Cain has thrown his hat in the ring. Who's Herman Cain? Read Weigel's follow-up for that.

Lightning Round: Revolving Doors.

  • It looks as though an emerging conservative narrative coming out of Saturday's violence is that once again, a Democratic president will knowingly exploit the event to blame the conservative media for inciting violence. Or in the words of the ever classy Rush Limbaugh, "What Mr. Loughner knows is that he has the full support of a major political party in this country." Perhaps I just don't get Mr.

Lightning Round: Reflection, Not Reaction.

  • Nothing in our politics is responsible for Saturday's horror. But it was inevitable that a discussion about the tone of our politics would ensue. It was a problem before Saturday, and it remains a problem now. Here's a quote from a Tea Party leader, defending his members' revolutionary language: "When we talk about Barack Obama, we've got to be clear, it's not personal. When we say he's destroying this country, we are not saying he's doing it out malicious intent and a desire to cripple us. He has good intentions and he's wrong. I worry when that gets lost." One does not blunder into destroying the country.

Lightning Round: The Party of Epistemological Relativism.

  • Democrats certainly lack the message discipline Republicans have, but it wouldn't hurt to remind everyone that Republicans do not care about the deficit. They rely on gimmicks to falsely claim the ACA explodes the deficit. They are repeatedly on record voting for policy that increases the deficit.

Lightning Round: Civics Lessons Unlearned.

  • That conservatives, and the conservative Republicans they helped elect, would read aloud a sanitized Constitution that Huck Finns or edits out the embarrassing stuff about human beings owning other human beings speaks volumes about the cowardice at the heart of "American Greatness/Exceptionalism" that animates American conservatism. How fragile do you have to be to be unable to countenance the idea that the country you live in is not, was not, perfect?