Nancy Scola

Nancy Scola is a writer based in New York. Her work has appeared in Science Progress, Politics Magazine, AlterNet, and the Columbia Journalism Review.

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I Think You're Crazy, But We Can Do Business.

Last night gave Barack Obama a rare uncontested moment in the spotlight, and his task was largely, as Monica said below, to use it to remind American voters just why they voted for him in the first place. For the many Americans who didn't vote for him, he had an opportunity to remind many of them why they once liked the style of his politics, if not the substance.

China Not a Fan of "One Internet" Policy.

The Chinese government's reaction to Hillary Clinton's big "Internet freedom" speech has been strongly negative and fairly pitched. No real surprise there. She did directly call out Beijing for limiting their citizens' access to information. But the particular way in which they're going about their criticism is worth paying attention to -- it demonstrates that when Clinton talks about a "single Internet," she's offering more than just catchy rhetoric.

The Internet is Falling! The Internet is Falling!

There's just really very little in the way of actual evidence in Larry Downes' CNET op-ed today that claims that the Obama administration is "clearly backtracking" on a commitment to turning the principle of net neutrality into enforceable policy.

Downes' column is of a piece with a new talking point that has popped up in telecom quarters this past week. The Obama administration, the thinking goes, is guilty of sacrificing the practical wiring of America on the altar of its ideological commitment to a neutral Internet. So Downes' op-ed itself is not surprising. But I would have expected that he could have pulled together stronger evidence than the weak brew he's serving up here.