Nancy Scola

Nancy Scola is a writer based in New York. Her work has appeared in Science Progress, Politics Magazine, AlterNet, and the Columbia Journalism Review.

Recent Articles

When Hating Monsanto Isn't Enough.

Spencer Ackerman says he's tired of arguments like the one I made yesterday about Monsanto. In brief, I said that painting a giant bull's-eye on the agri-giant and launching all of our arrows in that direction is, perhaps, not a fully-formed strategy. "Monsanto is a despicable corporation," writes Spencer. "Monsanto's evil is both distinct and strong."

Getting Beyond Monsanto.

The Associated Press is plainly trying to nail agricultural giant Monsanto for unfair licensing practices that use a variety of tactics to lock small farmers and small seed companies in binding relationships, for better or for worse. Sometimes, Monsanto requires that its modified seeds make up a majority of a seed company's stock, edging out competitors. In other cases, they've made companies agree to both exclusivity and non-disclosure agreements.

Dave Eggers to the Rescue. Really.

Melissa Goldstein points out that at a cost of $16, 320 pages and several months of production time, Dave Eggers' latest print project, San Francisco Panorama, isn't going to provide a road map for the revival of the American newspaper industry.

Counterfeiting and Bootlegging Are Not the Same Thing.

Indiana Democratic Sen. Evan Bayh's commentary on the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement being negotiated internationally and in secret is, as EFF's Richard Esguerra points out, so completely misguided that you might think he was being disingenuous -- if not for the fact that there were probably dozens of other senators, on both sides of the aisle, earnestly nodding their heads alongside him.


The last few days, a petition asking people to take a pledge against genocide has been floating around Twitter. I'll admit to thinking, "I wonder how many signatures a pro-genocide push would get?"