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Nathan McDermott is a freelance writer in Washington, D.C.

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From White Collars to Pink Slips

Americans have been told that a college education will help them avoid the fate of workers whose jobs have been shipped overseas. A new report pours water on that idea.

AP Photo/Wally Santana
AP Photo A t first glance, Kingston Technology doesn’t appear to have much in common with big auto manufacturers like General Motors (GM). Based in sunny Southern California, the computer-technology company makes small memory products and primarily employs white-collar programmers and designers. But Kingston and GM have at least one thing in common: They ship jobs overseas. Kingston recently handed out pink slips to 80 employees and moved its RAM and flash-memory production operation to China. “Our company has been, and continues to shift primarily production work from the U.S. to China,” Kingston wrote in a disclosure to the Department of Labor. But the company is also letting go of "finance, engineering, and IT positions." Outsourcing is usually associated with blue-collar jobs that require a high-school education or less. But an increasing number of workers in the technology industry with a bachelor’s degree or more—electrical engineers, computer designers, and audio and visual...