Nelini Stamp

Nelini Stamp is a youth organizer for Dream Defenders in Florida.

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Train Young Organizers

This piece is part of the Prospect' s series on progressives' strategy over the next 40 years. To read the introduction, click here . A lot of times, political organizers end up in New York City or San Francisco or Washington, D.C. We often forget about the rest of the country when it comes to developing leaders or building institutions. I initially came into politics as a canvasser for the Working Families Party in New York. We were trained to talk to all types of people and got a well-rounded perspective on our issues and how to present them in the most effective ways. But this kind of education isn’t available everywhere. We need independent organizations in every state. The Midwest Academy and the Highlander Research and Education Center train organizers, but we have nothing like them in most states and localities. By 2016 and 2020, several more states will have become majority-minority, and we need to be able to shape that change. We have to develop the capacity to educate people...