Nina Easton

Nina J. Easton, formerly a staff writer for the Los Angeles Times Magazine, is the author of Gang of Five: Leaders at the Center of the Conservative Ascendancy (Simon & Schuster, 2002).

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The Power and the Glory

G ary Bauer, Christian-right leader and 2000 presidential candidate, fully appreciates the political perils of the discussion we're about to enter into this early spring morning. Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson publicly breached the same territory shortly after the September 11 terrorist attacks, when they suggested that liberals and gays were responsible for America's cursed fortunes. Both earned the public's ire and a dressing-down from the president of the United States. But Bauer is a creature of Washington; politics are what make his "heart beat faster," as he put it. A Georgetown law graduate who served President Ronald Reagan as undersecretary of education, the former head of the Family Research Council seems confident that he can describe the Christian right's views about 9/11 -- and President Bush's divinely inspired mission in its wake -- in a way that won't horrify the secular press. "People like me," he began, picking his words cautiously, "believe that God's hand has been...