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Noy Thrupkaew is a Prospect senior correspondent.

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Fashion Forward

The Learning Channel (TLC) comes on like a bossy best friend -- clucking over your curtains with disapproval, pointing out your flab, making you watch her birthing video. She's insufferable and doesn't understand the meaning of "too much information," but the combination of tough love and shared intimacy hooks you every time.

The Gambler

The star of FX's new half-hour show Lucky is pretty lucky himself. Things are looking up for actor John Corbett -- now that he's wandered out of fluffy romantic-lead land and into the wilds of dark and depraved comedy.

Platinum Hit?

UPN's new Tuesday night lineup might help the network achieve the TV producer's dream: a racially integrated viewing audience. America's boob-tube viewing preferences and TV-show casts are deeply segregated -- a divide that would trouble Martin Luther King Jr. and, for far less noble reasons, should trouble TV execs looking to make big bucks.

Will and Testament

Abbas Kiarostami was philosophical about the whole mess. U.S. officials had just denied the world-renowned filmmaker -- and "axis of evil" Iranian citizen -- a visa to attend last fall's New York Film Festival. "I certainly do not deserve an entry visa any more than the aged mother hoping to visit her children in the U.S., perhaps for the last time in her life," he responded in a letter to the festival director. "[A]s a privileged person with access to the means of public expression and media, I feel profoundly responsible for the tragic state of the world."

Filmic Face-lift

fracas n a noisy, disorderly fight or quarrel; a brawl

The white guy had no idea he was about to do filmmaker Justin Lin a huge favor. After watching Lin's tale of Asian American high-school overachievers gone bad, the journalist didn't stand up to applaud the young director. He got up because he was furious. "How could you ... make such a bleak, negative, amoral film?" the critic asked Lin. "Don't you have a responsibility to paint a more positive and helpful portrait of your community?"