Pat Garofalo

Pat Garofalo is economic policy editor for at the Center for American Progress Action Fund. His work has also appeared in The Nation, The Guardian, U.S. News & World Report, and In These Times. He is a frequent television and radio guest.

Recent Articles

Foreclosed for Business

Before the Republican presidential primary debate in Nevada, 2012 GOP frontrunner Mitt Romney told the editorial board of the Las Vegas Review Journal that government shouldn’t be in the business of trying to help families about to lose their homes. “ Don’t try and stop the foreclosure process ,” he said. Former pizza magnate Herman Cain claimed following the debate that the best way to help homeowners facing foreclosure is to “ get government off the back of the banks .” Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich’s prescription for aiding homeowners, meanwhile, is to repeal the Wall Street reform law that Congress passed last year. Listening to the GOP presidential candidates, you’d never know that Nevada was the state hardest hit by the bursting of the housing bubble, that it has led the nation in foreclosures for 56 consecutive months , or that last year one in nine Nevada households received a foreclosure notice. The one time that foreclosures came up during the debate, none of the...