Paul Berman

Paul Berman's writings on political and cultural issues have appeared in the New Republic, the New York Times Book Review and Slate. He is the author of Terror and Liberalism and
Power and the Idealists: Or, The Passion of Joschka Fischer, and its Aftermath.

Recent Articles

Confound It

Eric Alterman is charmingly courteous in introducing his criticisms, and he announces an intention to pull his punches (which, by the time he's through, makes me wonder what an unpulled punch might be), but then, having worked his way through the formalities, he delivers his verdict: "Paul's review does an extreme disservice to the truth -- and a massive favor to its enemies -- with his faulty reading of the never-ending, but almost entirely bogus controversy over whether Stone ever willingly spied for the Russians or cooperated with the KGB in any way.

Terror and Liberalism

The present war, if that is the correct word, may
very well be, as President Bush has observed, a war of a new kind--the "first war
of the twenty-first century." But in one important respect, the present war also
appears to be--and this, too, the president has hinted at indirectly--a war of an
old kind, perhaps even the last war of the twentieth century. The terror assault
was an astonishing event, but also a familiar event. And so it is possible, by
glancing at the century that has just passed, to hazard a few guesses about the
torrent of events that is already pouring over us.

Essay: Labor and the Intellectuals

Despite reciprocal indifference, labor unions and liberal intellectuals can still enliven one another.