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Paul Waldman is a contributing editor for the Prospect and the author of Being Right is Not Enough: What Progressives Must Learn From Conservative Success.

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Well, That Should Settle Things.

Hawaiians are so sweetly naïve:

Moving to dispel claims that President Barack Obama was not born in Hawaii, his supporters in the state's legislature have introduced a bill that would allow anyone to get a copy of his birth records for a $100 fee.

The idea behind the measure is to end skepticism over Obama's birthplace while raising a little money for a government with a projected budget deficit exceeding $800 million over the next two years.

"If it passes, it will calm the birthers down," said the bill's primary sponsor, Rep. Rida Cabanilla. "

Why Conservatives Ought to Love the Postal Service.

Bear with me here, this isn't really about Mitt Romney. But I was recently reading his book No Apology: The Case For American Greatness (summary: America is great), and at one point, while describing the virtues of the free market and the pathologies of government, Mitt says, "It has been my experience that almost always government is far less productive than enterprises in the private sector. That's why private companies build roads for government and make equipment for the military. It's also part of the reason why FedEx and UPS can make a profit shipping and delivering packages while the U.S.

Do We Need a Manager in the White House?

There are only two major Republicans who are absolutely, positively running for president in 2012, Mitt Romney and Tim Pawlenty. And Romney is honing his pitch:

The IRS Gets Mobile.

irs2go_phone.jpgAs tax time approaches, you've probably been asking yourself: Can I track the status of my refund on my smartphone? Well, the answer is, you betcha! Get yourself on over to the App Store or the Android Market, and download the IRS' slammin' new app, IRS2Go!

Giving Them the Business.

Few things have been stranger to those of us on the left over the last couple of years than the continued insistence of the moneyed class that Barack Obama is "anti-business." After all, the stock market has soared since he's been president -- the Dow is up nearly 50 percent since he took office -- corporate profits are at near record levels, the banks are doing great, and if anything, it looks like the capitalist class has fully recovered from the recession, even if regular people haven't. So why do they think he's against them? The answer, of course, is feelings.