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Paul Waldman is a contributing editor for the Prospect and the author of Being Right is Not Enough: What Progressives Must Learn From Conservative Success.

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Darrell Issa, Getting Warmed Up

Rep. Darrell Issa, who will become a subpoena-issuing machine should Republicans take back the House, is apparently mad about, the website where the administration puts information about the stimulus. It's pretty snappy for a government website, with all kinds of animations and interactive tools. But a new report Issa has issued says " became a taxpayer-funded tool to promote false and misleading propaganda to support the Democrat-backed stimulus."

Today's Depressing Space News.

In most sci-fi movies, the problem with the long time periods required for interstellar travel is solved by putting those traversing the stars into some kind of "stasis," often in a comfy pod. Upon waking, they rub their necks, stretch their arms, and within about 30 seconds are good to go fight aliens, despite having been lying still in a pod for the last couple of months or years.

Unfortunately, it looks like that's not really how things are going to work:

Two Principled Republicans Located.

For a while now, I've been wondering whether a prominent Republican with something to lose -- like a 2012 presidential candidate -- might come out and condemn the ugly turn the GOP is taking, with its new obsessions over the Islamic center near Ground Zero and repealing the 14th Amendment so little brown kids born in America wouldn't get to be citizens. We may not have seen that yet, but this, via Think Progress, is at least something:

The Trouble With Ideology

One thing people often say about libertarians is, "Well, there are some things I disagree with them about, but I admire their consistency." Supposedly, libertarians have a pure philosophy, and they're willing to take unpopular stands in the service of it. That stands in contrast to, say, conservatives who talk a lot about "getting government off our backs" but also think the government ought to do things like control what women do with their wombs.

The GOP's Ticket to November.

You've probably been asking yourself, "What do the candidates running for City Council in Grand Forks think about the Islamic cultural center near Ground Zero?" No? You haven't been asking that? Well why the heck not?

It's not quite the Grand Forks City Council, but Rick Scott, a candidate for the GOP nomination for governor of Florida, who thinks folks have been dying to know what he thinks about the issue: