Peter Andrey Smith

Peter Andrey Smith is a Brooklyn-based freelance writer. 

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Big Pharma's Private War on Drugs

Pharmacy robberies have spiked in large part thanks to illegal demand for OxyContin. A look inside the drugmaker's efforts to protect its product and the pharmacists at the front lines.

AP Images/Graeme Roy
AP Images/Graeme Roy O n a Wednesday afternoon this spring, with overcast skies and gas-slicked puddles on Utopia Parkway, some two hundred pharmacists gathered on the fourth floor of St. John’s University in Jamaica, Queens, for the Fifty-Fourth Annual Dr. Andrew J. Bartilucci Pharmacy Congress. The plainclothes professionals sat around tables draped with red tablecloths, sipping plastic cups of coffee and occasionally glancing at their phones. At approximately two o’clock that afternoon, John P. Gilbride, Caucasian male, five foot six, medium build, clean-shaven, wearing a dark suit and glasses, entered a rear door of the room carrying a leather satchel. He stood with his head down before walking to the lectern and opening a PowerPoint presentation. Four massive bulls-eyes were splayed out on the conference room walls. “Pharmacy robberies and burglaries are taking place across the country at an alarming rate,” he said. “Do you talk about it? Do you prepare for it? We all had fire...