Phoebe Connelly

Phoebe Connelly is a former web editor of the Prospect. Previously, she was managing editor of In These Times. She writes on political culture, human rights and feminism.

Recent Articles

The Year In: Gay Rights


Civil rights battles tend to have years of what feels like quixotic agitating and organizing before change occurs. This year was a tipping point for gay rights.

TAP Takes A Holiday.

We're taking some needed rest here at the Prospect. Posting will be light until we return from our various holidays on Jan. 3. If you just can't stay away, we'll be rolling out a series of posts looking at the past year in major progressive issues and staff picks for the best article we've published this year.

Safe travels, and happy holidays.

Ann Friedman: World's Smartest Woman.


It's with a heavy heart that we here at TAP say goodbye to Ann Friedman (quick, before you start crying, bookmark her new blog). Let me let you in on a little secret: Ann has hired every. single. person. you. read. on. this. site. That includes our boss, Mark Schmitt. She's a formidable editor, an insightful writer, and a true friend.

So, we're sending her off the best way we can: with a rundown of her greatest hits: