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Phoebe Connelly is a former web editor of the Prospect. Previously, she was managing editor of In These Times. She writes on political culture, human rights and feminism.

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HILLARY HOME RUN. It’s a convenient knock against Hillary Clinton that she’s cold or impersonal, the classic calculating woman. The favorite dig of Rush Limbaugh and other nags like him is that Hillary reminds men of “their first wife.” (I wonder whom Limbaugh uses as a referent point for the rest of the platoon of his former wives; this is a guy who, on a personal level, can’t make a single person happy, including his drug-addled self.)


EATING (AND GROWING) LOCAL. I've got a piece up today over at In These Times on the rise of community urban agriculture programs. Agriculture and community gardens have a long history in urban areas, but a new generation of urban agriculture programs is focused on using agriculture to address food access and urban blight, and in the process, offering an new approach to food politics. Erika Allen, of Chicago's Growing Power put it this way:


DNC DOLLAR DROUGHT. As I wrote recently for Salon, Hillary Clinton is building a campaign organization so large and complete that, if she’'s the nominee, she could tell Howard Dean and the DNC to go screw themselves. She won’'t need a name, a list, a dollar, or a volunteer hour from them. After the Denver convention is over, she can fly solo.


MICHAEL MOORE: NOW APPEARING IN A LEDE NEAR YOU. Forget the box office, Michael Moore and Sicko have unquestionably conquered one battle -- becoming shorthand for “American health care crisis” for news writers everywhere.

The Gentleman From Illinois

"So if you are at all, a little bit excited about Senator Obama," called out the campaign staffer on stage warming up the crowd and tossing out "Obama '08" stocking caps, "Let me hear you now!" The people that gathered in downtown Springfield, Illinois, around 8 a.m. last Saturday were a mixed bag of long-time supporters and inquisitive newcomers, all braving the bitter cold to hear the junior senator from Illinois kick off his presidential campaign.

Barack Obama's announcement makes him the ninth candidate to enter the race for the 2008 Democratic nomination. The choice of the Illinois state capitol -- home of Abraham Lincoln and the early proving ground of Obama's political career -- had the calculated allure of accessibility, local politics, and historical gravity.